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Learner's Compass' ABA Tool Box

is a comprehensive library of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapeutic resources for schools, educators, and ABA providers.

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Tap Into Knowledge and Support with ABA TOOL BOX

Quality Content & Applicable Resources

A monthly subscription provides access to our cloud-based, continually updated, ABA content:

  • The Learners’ Compass Curriculum of over 800 ABA programs
    • Verbal behavior (language development) 
    • Cognitive / Academic skills
    • Community of Reinforcers (play skills and social skills)
    • Self-management (self-help skills and desensitization/toleration programs)
    • Sub domains: Inclusion (following group instruction and individual instruction in a group setting) & Vocational
  • Assessment guide covering the core domains of the curriculum
  • Therapeutic Resources: Social stories, token boards, communication boards, data sheets, graphs, schedule materials 
  • Staff training resources
  • Educational Resources: Worksheets and teaching materials   

The subscription to our ABA TOOL BOX also includes Curriculum Support from a behaviorist on our team.  Our support team for school districts with ABA programs will benefit from:

Guided ABA Program Assessment

  • Individualization of ABA programs with continual assessment   
  • A variety of appropriate goals / objectives met per child to maximize teaching opportunities throughout the day
  • Data analysis and implementation of teaching techniques for continual progress
  • Weekly book reviews to ensure that the programs are appropriate and continued skill acquisition and progress is optimal through implementing science/literature-based techniques/methods for each goal

Experienced Consultants

Our team of experts work collaboratively to implement quality interventions and education for learners with autism. Our consultants all have from five to twenty or more years of experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. 

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