Supervision & Mentorship


We provide local and distanced based supervision and mentorship for our colleagues. We will develop highly individualized agendas with you to meet your unique scheduling needs as you complete coursework and fieldwork.

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BCBA-Board Certified Behavior Analysts
BCABA-Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts

Total Hours
How many total hours or behavior analysis work will I have to complete?
1,500 total hours
10-30 hours per week
1,000 total hours
10-30 hours per week
Total Time
How long will my entire supervisory period take?
1 year (50 weeks)
34 weeks
Total number of directly supervised hours
How many hours do I spend with my supervisor during this supervisory period (i.e., 34 weeks to 1 year)?
75 hours
50 hours
Percentage of total directly supervised hours
What's percentage of my time is directly supervised?
Frequency of contact for direct supervision
How often do I directly meet with my supervisor?
1-2 hours every 2 weeks
2-4 hours per month
1-2 hours every 2 weeks
2-4 hours per month

Two Types of Supervision Offered

  1. Local -in the NY/NJ tri-state areas (direct supervision at fieldwork sites and possible study groups are an option)
  2. Distance-based supervision allows you to meet the requirements from anywhere in the world via phone, email, and/or video/webcast conference.

Activities: What Will We Cover?

We will focus on the behavior analytic content of the BACB Third Edition (most current) Task List. We will refine your verbal behavior as a behavior analyst. We will analyze concepts for application in your area(s) of clinical interest. We will conduct assessments (ABLLS, functional analysis), create IEPs, devise individualized behavior interventions, and develop skill-acquisition goals.


Possible sliding scale based on country of permanent residence. Possible exchange of work hours with our learners to decrease supervision costs. For more information, contact us.

About the Mentor

My experience in direct service and leadership roles will help you develop the problem-solving and analysis strategies you will need as a behavior analyst. I have worked as part of both small and large teams in school- and home-based ABA programs for children with ASD. My mission has been to provide science-based, state-of-the-art applied behavior analytic programs for children with autism (18 months to 17 years). I have provided intervention services to youngsters with ASD and their families since 1991 and have worked as a behavior analyst since 1997. I became a BCBA in 2003 when I completed my Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis from Columbia University. Leila Farshchian, M.A., BCBA

Mentorship & Supervision Form

Application for Mentorship and Supervision Form

To download form: Click here.

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